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Ranjani Gayathri Dec Concert

Tickets are now open at for this one of a kind production!!

“Brindavanathil Margazhi“ – A December Garden Concert

A Not To Be Missed Concert by the Famed Powerhouse of Music

The Sisters Ranjani & Gayatri!

Music for All Lovers of Indian Classical Music!

The Classical Arts Society urges all lovers of Indian classical music to attend its grande finale event for the year 2020 - a virtual vocal concert by the famous sisters Ranjani & Gayatri together with a superb team of fellow artists - Charumathi Raghuram on the violin, N. Manoj Siva on the mridangam and S. Krishna on the ghatam. The concert will premiered on the platform on Dec 5 at 7 PM EST. This will be followed by a live audience interaction at 9 PM on the Classical Arts Facebook page. Concert tickets starting at $15 will be available through Nov 29 onwards.

“Brindavanathil Margazhi” is the title chosen by Ranjani and Gayatri for this concert. As the name suggests it is a concert presented in a beautiful garden setting reminiscent of verdant Brindavan, where Sri Krishna cast his spell on all of nature, playing his flute; and “Margazhi” denotes both the Tamil month by that name falling around December & January and the season of joyous explosion of over thousand classical music and dance concerts all over Chennai when Chennai celebrates its famous December Music season, or Margazhi.

Classical Arts Society is proud to bring the Chennai December Season to all the patrons and rasikas of both the North and South Indian genres of Indian classical music. The beauty and creativity of Ranjani's and Gayatri’s music has a powerful hold on all listeners. Growing up in Bombay, strong exposure to Hindustani Classical music was an added benefit to their years of training in Carnatic music. As a result the music of Ranjani and Gayatri reflects an unique unity of expression of the aesthetics of both genres, enabling fans of both genres of music to be equally enthralled. Though the genres reflect different classical music variants of North and South India, Ranjani and Gayatri's music draws liberally from both - this is Indian classical music at its inclusive best!

The audience of this concert can look forward to a repertoire of ragas that are common and dear to both the Classical Hindustani and Carnatic styles. An easy guess is Brindavana Saranga, a raga of immense appeal and widely performed in both systems, evocative of the concert title. Classical Carnatic Music and the Hindustani Classical music are but two branches of the same magnificent tree of Indian classical music. Yet the audiences tend to be divided between the two styles of the same art forms. Through the universal appeal of a Ranjani & Gayatri concert, it is a fervent hope of the Classical Arts Society, Houston to encourage the audiences to integrate and to appreciate and be moved by the soul stirring beauty in each style. Look forward to enjoying this musical bliss in your company. Tickets are now open at!

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Tickets will be available for purchase on Nov 29th on

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